FUSIONLoc® Hidden Fastener

Combining strength, easy one-step installation options, and innovative design, the collated FUSIONLoc hidden fastener system simply delivers. Every stainless steel clip in the innovative design provides three points of board to joist connection.

Install It Your Way, Fast
Install pneumatically with the FastenMaster FiveShot Tool or by hand with the FUSIONLoc Hand Driven Tool.

Switch Out Boards With Ease
Innovative design allows for boards to be easily removed, even in the middle of deck.

Strength Meets Subtle
Clips and screws are stainless steel and finished in Matte Black.

Available in:
• 225 sq. ft. (400 clips, collated carbon steel screws)
• 450 sq. ft. (800 clips, collated carbon steel screws)
• FiveShot Pneumatic Installation Tool
(sold by FastenMaster)

Hand Driven
• 50 sq. ft. (100 clips, 105 stainless steel screws)
• 225 sq. ft. (400 clips, 420 stainless steel screws)
• Hand Driven Guide (sold separately)

Questions About Installation?
We’re here to assist you with videos, guides, and more. View installation help.

Warranty Coverage
TimberTech products are engineered the right way, to last. And many are covered by industry-leading warranties. See full warranty details.

Are special tools required to install the FUSIONLoc Hidden Fasteners?
FUSIONLoc requires a drill/driver and either the FUSIONLoc Hand Driven Guide (sold separately) or the FiveShot Pneumatic Gun (sold by FastenMaster).
Pneumatic FUSIONLoc fasteners include collated clips and collated screws, and are available in 225 sq. ft. or 450 sq. ft. packs.
Hand Driven FUSIONLoc fasteners inculde collated clips, loose screws, T15 drive bits, and are available in 50 sq. ft. or 225 sq. ft. packs.

Can FUSIONLoc Hidden Fasteners be used on angles?
Yes, any angle up to 45 degrees can be achieved. For diaganal joist spacing please refer to the TimberTech installation guides.

Do the FUSIONLoc clips match the decking colors?
While CONCEALoc and FUSIONLoc clips are not color-matched to our decking, CONCEALoc (offered in Brown) and FUSIONLoc (offered in Black) are meant to blend in with the framing in the gaps between deck boards for a flawless, fastener-free surface.

Can I use FUSIONLoc fasteners with steel or aluminum framing?
No, FUSIONLoc fasteners are not compatible with metal framing or non-wood joists.

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