Fiberglass Privacy Screens

Privacy Screens can turn a busy, open living or dining area into a private nook or sanctuary. These structures are ideal for creating secluded spaces around pools, spas, outdoor dining areas, or for concealing pool pumps and heating/AC units.

Good privacy screens make good neighbors. Privacy screens are ideal for apartments and condominiums that share patio and balcony space, new construction and oceanfront properties where corrosion can be an issue. Engineered with angled slats allowing air to circulate while maintaining the utmost privacy.

SolaceTM Series Fiberglass Pergola New

The flexible design of the contemporary Solace” pergola makes it a smart choice. Manufactured to utilize our Mor-Shade® sail, or canopy, Solace delivers shade with a crisp, clean appearance.

Structural Fiberglass Pergolas

Triple A Decking, LLC offers three ways to increase the shade provided by your pergola: Mor-Shade® Canopy, Purlin, and Shade Sail. Each option is specifically designed to be an attractive accent to your pergola and create a shelter from the sun’s rays. The combination of an outdoor pergola and a Mor-Shade® shade solution is the ultimate combination of beauty, function, and versatility to create your outdoor living room.

Designed for ease of use, our exclusive retractable Mor-Shade® Canopy slides on a wired system that is ready to install out of the box. The unique modular design is easy to install, just like our fiberglass pergolas, to enhance your outdoor living e experience. Designed to quickly lock individual canopy panels in place to provide shelter from the sun or remove panels as quickly when the sun goes down.

Let us turn your outdoor dreams into reality.

Pergolas are a great way to add a shade structure to any outdoor space, pool, or spa area. Designed for both beauty and strength, pergolas can turn any backyard into an affordable luxurious retreat for entertaining friends and family, grilling and watching the game, or simply relaxing in the great outdoors. Fiberglass has been used to replace wood in residential and commercial construction for decades. Pultrusion technology produces the strongest yet lightest structures available with a reasonable price-point. Now, structural fiberglass allows for the construction of pergolas that are far superior to those that have come before, transforming a hot and sunny backyard into an elegant outdoor experience.

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